2021 Activities Grants

Nederland Area Seniors (NAS) is sponsoring activities around the Nederland Community Center.  The goal is provide the community a chance to get out of the house after a year of Covid-19 in a programed activity.  If you are someone who organized activities around the NCC.  NAS is offering up to $1,000 in a 2021 Activities Grants to instructor and/or organizers.  The grant funding will come in a number of parts.

NAS Resources in the Grant

  • Space – NAS will cover the cost of the NCC space to run a program
  • Advertising – NAS will cover the cost of multimodal advertising (newspaper, web, social media, etc.)
  • Equipment – NAS may investing in equipment and/or infrastructure to make your program more effective
  • Stipend – NAS will offer a stipend of $60 per class to an instructor that teaches a qualified program.
  • Other – NAS will listen to ideas on how some investment may improve a program.

Instructors and/or Organizer

  • Marketing – Define your programs message
  • Reporting – Program has to report attendance to NCC staff.
    • Note: the class does NOT have to be at the NCC only report attendance to NCC staff.
  • Enrollment – Program has to be open to the Public
    • Restrictions: Program can place restrictions based on age and/or gender.
  • Stipend – NAS will accrue stipends quarterly and will pay with check or gift cards
  • Charges – Instructors can set charging rates for the classes and keep all revenue generated

NAS would like the programs to have an impact on Seniors lives in the community.  Seniors don’t have to directly participate in the program.  An example could be a dance program that offers some performances to the seniors at one of the community dinner events.

If you are interested in hear more.  Please contact mountainpeaklife.NAS@gmail.com


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